In a recent article by U.S. News it named the Healthiest Communities Ranking 2019 to live. After reading this article, I had no idea that I lived in the best of the 500 counties in the country. The rankings consisted of the following categories: Population Health, Equity, Education, Economy, Housing, Food & Nutrition, Environment, Public Safety, Community Vitality and Infrastructure.

Douglas county was listed the best county to live and includes the towns and cities of Castle Rock, Franktown, Larkspur, Littleton, Lone Tree, Louviers, Parker and Sedalia. They are all unique with beautiful views of mountains, trees, grass and clear blue, sunny bright skies and most of all fresh clean air. You won’t get that in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey and Chicago where you get to see what you breathe into your lungs. YUCK.

The next best place to live is Broomfield County which is ranked number 5 and that’s where I live and is considered a bedroom community. It was founded in the 1950’s and is named after the broomcorn that was grown in the area and is considered a new city by most standards. Broomfield has fantastic infrastructure for business, education, public safety, housing, healthy food and nutrition, environment and robust economy. It is located between Denver and Boulder which comes in ranked as number 20 and can be seen from Broomfield.

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