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Much Improvement in the Luxury Home Market

Two classic Denver areas which possess the love of luxury and tradition yet are spiced with both romance and old world style have seen a definite upswing in sales after a tough 2009. Both the Country Club and Hilltop are just two examples where we find the market to be on the rebound. Denver’s Country Club days on market were coming in at 166 days and Hilltop at 265 this same time last year in 2009, where we are now at a comfortable pace at 146 and 190 days respectively. Our numbers also indicate the Country Club’s five (5) sales have exceeded $10 million year to date and Hilltop clipping over $30 million worth sold this year. This is most certainly a welcome sign that, the Buyers are still very optimistic about the future of real estate now that 2009 is behind us.

It is also worth noting on a national basis, and according to the WSJ, “Sales of homes with asking prices of $2 million to $5 million in the first quarter totaled 2,461, up 32 percent from the previous year.”
Source: The Wall Street Journal, Juliet Chung and James R. Hagerty (05/28/2010)

Even our squeaky-voice friend, Mickey Mouse & Co also has an appreciating taste as they have recently announced plans to develop and sell vacation homes in Orlando. “Walt Disney Co. announced plans Wednesday to develop and sell vacation homes near Orlando’s Walt Disney World. The homes will be priced between $1.5 million and $8 million. In announcing the development, Disney said the luxury home market is recovering.
Source: The Wall Street Journal, Juliet Chung (06/23/2010)

So there we have it-between the local, national and even Mickey, all the indicators have us on the up and up!

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